Art and history

History and art

This is a site about history and about art. It is made by me; visual artist, (SEO) copy writer and historian Harry Wibier. Here you will find information about both subjects and about the projects I have completed.


It all began at a Dutch dolmen near Valthe, not long after the start of the current millennium. The sun was low, casting a red glow over the stones. Fall colors everywhere. It was a beautiful sight. In that atmosphere I realized that the structure I was standing in front of is older than the pyramids in Egypt. And that scenes once played out here that no one can have an image of today.

Imagination, art and history

At that dolmen in Valthe my imagination ran wild with me. I thought of lost contacts with the realm of the dead and of mysterious rituals. In doing so, I tried to imagine how the magnificence, the mysticism and the past of a location like this could be represented. Not much later I painted my first dolmen. Many followed. And I started writing blogs about it.

In this way I became more and more involved in the Stone Age and art. Nowadays I write, draw, paint and design all kinds of things. Prehistory is still a common thread in my work. Interested? Then take a look in the Gallery or in the Dolm Shop (RedBubble). Don't hesitate to Contact me if you have any questions.

About me (Harry Wibier)

For as long as I can remember I have used brushes, markers and pencils. I have learned a lot by trying and experimenting, but calling myself a self-taught artist is going too far; many skilled teachers have taught me a lot at school and during courses. I also read and watch a lot, for example in museums, on Youtube and in books.

Harry Wibier in Sprovedyssen, Denmark

Curriculum Vitae

From origin I am a social historian with a specialization in media. I also graduated in business informatics. In recent years I have been professionally active as a journalist, editor, information manager and (senior) IT and organizational consultant. Today I work as a creative entrepreneur. In that capacity I write SEO texts and create content for web pages. Do you also want great copy or content? Then go to copy en content.

Dolm, Stone Age and art

This site was created in early 2015 from my interest in history, art and media. Since my visit to Valthe, the Stone Age has been my passion. Hence the name. 'Dolm' is a derivative of the word 'dolmen'. (A dolmen is a French or British dolmen. Plural is dolmens.) Slowly but surely has grown into a digital logbook with photos of my paintings, impressions of historical places and reports of books I have read. The Stone Age is still the common thread. Not only on this site and in my art, but also in my posts on social media.