Art and history


Any questions? Feel free to contact me. You can do this by mail, phone or social media. You can find the details below. If you are interested in a specific work of art from the Gallery you can see it for real. You can make an appointment or visit my workshop during the Kunstzondag Vorden . You're welcome to have a look.

The dates for Art Sunday Vorden 2022 are: March 13, June 12, September 11, December 11

Contact via social media:

I am most active on Instagram. I look into that every day. I spent a little less time on Twitter; on average once a week. I am on Facebook and LinkedIn very limited. (I prefer just writing, drawing or painting. That's why I focus on one medium. Social media is fun, but it shouldn't take too much time.)

E-mail and Telephone:

SEO Copy writing en content creation

As a creative entrepreneur I write texts for websites. These are aimed - among other things - at high scores in search engines such as Google. That's called Search Engine Optimization. I also like to write entertaining texts about ICT, history, cars and other subjects that interest me. You can take a look at There I regularly publish texts with a nostalgic character. Do you want to know more about my work as a writer? Then go to my LinkedIn profile. Or go to the tab copy en content.

Dolm Workshop

The studio is not big, but it offers enough space for all my activities. I find it a very pleasant space and I always enjoy being there. There is an easel to paint behind, a drawing table to draw behind and a desk for all kinds of other work. Drawing and painting supplies are stored in two cupboards, alongside numerous books on art and prehistory. The comfortable seats offer seating for three people. Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive more than four people at the same time. Unless I work outside, because the entrance is roofed and there is a large picnic table. When I sit there, I look out on our deep garden. It is a true little paradise.