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Dolmen prints

How cool is it to have a dolmen art print on your t-shirt? Or to hang a clock on your wall with art prints of spectacular standing stones? You can purchase them through the Dolm shop. RedBubble takes care of the prints, payment and shipping. You can get there by clicking the gray button below.

The story behind Dolm Shop

Not all paintings or drawings I make are suitable as a print on a T-shirt. Over time I have learned that complex drawings lose their effect on clothing. The same goes for nuances in paint or structure. That is why you will not see a lot of work from the gallery in the shop. And the reverse is also true; you will not find many prints from the shop in the gallery. They are just a bit too direct and too organized to work well as an independent work of art.

I make the designs for the prints in a digital drawing program. Usually that's GIMP or Krita. Sometimes I do that based on a drawing I made earlier. Below you can see products with ink drawings that I made on the occasion of Inktober. The assignment was to do something with the prompts “Moon” and “Scallop”. The results are compact and nevertheless have a lot of storytelling power. That is why they are now available in print.

But it also happens that I just start from scratch on my computer and make something special for a print. For example, I redesigned a series of cave drawings with just one line. There are no original drawings or paintings of these prints. They come straight from GIMP.

Don't see the shirt you want in the offer? Do you have special wishes? Do not hesitate to contact me. Much is negotiable.