Art and history


This gallery displays works of art that link to history. Here, among others, you will find much dolmen art. Interested in purchasing? Contact me. Mail of phone:, (0031) 06-24987624.

The floating stones of D3 Midlaren-W

In Midlaren there is a magical place with two dolmens. One of them is D3 Midlaren-W. Pay close attention when you get there, because every now and then the stones float up to look over the hedge. I saw it happen once and captured the special scene for you. Acrylic paint on cotton, 60 x 80 centimetres.

Line with a pearl earring

A line and a dot; a minimalist reference to a well known masterpiece by Johannes Vermeer. 50 x 80 cm, acrylic paint on canvas.

Goddess - lying in the north - sees history arise

The connoisseur will recognize references to Scandinavian petroglyphs in this painting, which challenges one to muse on the earliest history and man's relationship to myths. Acrylic paint on paper, 50 x 70 centimetres.

Gallery: Dark Dolmens

A canvas does not always have to be white. The three paintings below were created on special black acrylic paper. They are successively Proleek Dolmen, D04 at Tynaarlo and the Dellbrücker Kammer.

Galerie: Carnac Posca Pizza Packagings

The first peasants of Brittany left behind enigmatic fields full of standing stones. How much has our diet changed since then? These small works of art measuring 10 x 10 centimeters challenge you to think about it.


This is not the largest, but certainly one of the most beautifully situated stone circles in the United Kingdom. The landscape at Castlerigg in the Lake District is spectacular. In this painting, the mountains lie faintly in the distance in a threatening dark color. Acrylic paint on canvas, 30 x 70 cm. Price on request.

Dutch Dolmen D51 Noord-Sleen

Dolmen D51 is badly damaged. Many large stones are missing, presumably used for the construction of another structure. Dolmen D50, which is just a little further away, is larger, more complete and more impressive. Why then do I make a large watercolor of D51? Perhaps because of that very small stone on top of the front capstone. Very cool it is contributing to this millennia-old monument. Watercolor and fineliner on A3 craft paper (29, x 42 cm). Price on request.

D06 Tynaarlo

Between Tynaarlo and Zeegse stands a relatively small dolmen of less than six meters long. It is very special for two reasons. The first is that all the big stones are still there. That doesn't happen a lot with the Dutch dolmens. Most are missing stones. This is because in the past, not hindered by any historical awareness, people liked to reuse building materials. The second reason that D6 is special is that the stones used are all pink granite. That too rarely happens. It seems that the builders of D6 specifically selected these stones because of their nature. Two reasons to capture the special properties of this dolmen in paint. Acrylic paint and posca markers on canvas, 60 x 80 cm. Price on request.